Simply put, we believe creativity matters.

Nothing encourages young minds to blossom and grow like the creation of art. Yet art today is often viewed as a nice-to-have compliment to education, rather than a core part of the development of active minds. The fact of the matter is that research shows involvement with the creative arts is critical to the development of young minds and increases our capacity to innovate as children and adults. 

Help us build awareness of the important role that making art plays by actually giving children a time, place and community to create, discuss, share and enjoy art.

Why does sparking creativity matter so much?

Creative arts are shown to increase motivation, cooperation and self-esteem. Children who participate in art-making improve their problem-solving abilities and tend to have higher test scores.

Fostering creativity at a young age is important and carries life-long benefits. Kids initiate their creative thinking abilities before they develop reading, writing, or arithmetic skills. It is creativity that drives innovation in everything.

And that's just while they are children. As importantly, governments and economists today readily acknowledge that tomorrow's workforce will need to be highly creative thinkers. New and novel opportunities and challenges combined with a rapidly evolving array of disruptive technologies is putting creative thinking at the top of most employer's lists of desirable qualities in perspective recruits.

Over the past two years 300,000+ children in 46 states have shared two single-day events full of painting, drawing, and imagination intended to put them on a path toward fostering creativity. This year we’re looking for parents, teachers and volunteers to help us grow more minds by getting more kids to make and share more art.

More about Everyartist

Everyartist is a social enterprise devoted to igniting the creativity innate in every child.  We do this through our growing virtual community and art events. Our evolving technological platform will serve as a learning center, art exhibition platform and creativity space for young artists and their parents, teachers and mentors. It is being designed to feature art collaborations and creativity building exercises, while also supporting art events from small groups of local friends to global in reach. Our signature event, Everyartist Live!, is an annual kid's creativity day that brings together young artists to ignite the imagination and spark original works around a common theme. Our purpose is simple: Spark Creativity.