Everyartist Event Day Questions

What is EveryartistLive!? 
Everyartist Live! is an annual national kid's creativity day that brings together young artists to ignite the imagination and spark original works around a common theme. The theme for Everyartist Live! 2015 was “What fuels your creativity?" This year Everyartist Live! will take place on Thursday, October 27th, 2016 with the theme "Draw Your Invention".

Join Everyartist Live! and help build awareness of the important role that making art plays by actually giving children a time, place, and community to create, discuss, share, and enjoy art.

How can I participate in EveryartistLive!?
It’s easy. You can sign up on or Participate page. Participation can be by individual, class, school, district, scout group, library group, etc.  We encourage anyone that wants to help spark creativity to participate.  

A few months before the event we will publish our Event Kit. In it you'll find information and ideas as well as tools to make participating easy.

Since 2013, over 400,000 children in 46 states have shared a day of painting, drawing, imagination and creativity and broken a world record in the process.

What if my school doesn’t want to participate?
You can still join Everyartist’s creativity movement. All the tools you need are on this site so that you can participate from home. Gather the children in your neighborhood, community group, or sports team. All the children who you know will benefit from sparking their creative thinking.

What if I’m not a teacher, but still want to help/organize an event in my community? 
Sparking creativity in our children is very important. Many people beyond our wonderful teachers know this, so we encourage anyone who wants to help spark creativity to participate. Just fill out our simple form on the Participate page and we'll be in touch to get you set up.

What is going to happen with the art?
Our goal is to have everyone who participates share their art with each other and the world. Sharing art enriches the creator and the viewer. Most importantly, it helps generate more sparks and innovation for new work. 

We have created a gallery system online that will let event organizers display their group’s creations and for everyone to view all participating galleries of work. Participating artists will be able to find their work in their event coordinator’s gallery.  All they have to do is ask the coordinator for their gallery’s name. 

We also encourage the celebration of the children’s artwork after the event as we saw happen last year. This creates a lasting impression for the children and helps encourage the habit of art creation in their developing years.  Here are a few examples of celebrations from last year:

  • Arkansas schools displayed 40,000 pieces of art at a local family activity center and hosted a weekend celebration for family and friends to come and view the “gallery”.
  • A school on Nantucket Island made a film of the event.
  • Bentonville, Arkansas created a permanent mural wall of the art in their downtown center.  
  • Another town displayed the children’s art in participating retail stores as part of the holiday festival shopping night.

What if I don’t want to register, share my email address, etc.?
You can still hold an event if you do not register. We want as many children to participate as possible. However, if you do not register we will not be able to communicate with you or send you materials and updates as we move to the event day. You will also not be able to create a gallery for your participating artists or have them see the work of the other artists from around the country.   

We are creating a movement behind the importance of art in the core elementary curriculum. We would love to include your artists in our numbers to show the need for art in our schools, but understand if you choose not to register. Most important is sparking creativity, registered or not!

What if my school doesn’t have internet access?
If your school does not have Internet access, we suggest that you coordinate with another town or city organization that does. For example, your local library, municipal organization, YMCA, or religious group. You could also solicit help from the PTA or class parents who may have Internet access.

It may also be possible to solicit the assistance of one of your small businesses in your town. The Rotary, Kiwanis, or local veterans associations may be of great help here.  They all have regular meetings that could put this request on their agenda.

What if the Everyartist website is blocked?
Outside sites are often blocked by organizations for protection from viruses and for policy reasons. We suggest discussing this with your administrator once the event has been approved to help facilitate the use of the Everyartist site via school technology.

General Questions about Everyartist

What is Everyartist.me?
A passionate organization whose purpose is to spark creativity. Everyartist is dedicated to fostering creativity in kids by encouraging the creation, presentation, and sharing of art. We seek to support art as a core educational curriculum and celebrate the importance of creativity through our site, Everyartist.me, and annual art event Everyartist Live!

Why does creativity matter? Why kids?
Research shows that involvement with the creative arts increases our capacity to innovate as children and adults.  Additionally, creative arts are shown to increase motivation, cooperation, and self-esteem.

Kids initiate their creative thinking abilities before they develop reading, writing, or arithmetic skills.  It is creativity that drives innovation in everything…creativity is what moves people to new ideas and advancements.

Creativity is the foundation on which new ideas are built. 

  • Creativity is critical to developing minds;
  • Participation in the arts improves problem solving abilities and is correlated to higher test scores;
  • Creativity is shown to increase motivation, cooperation, and self-esteem;
  • A movement called STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) to STEAM is emerging. STEAM adds Art+ Design into STEM. We want to get ahead of the curve;
  • The workforce of the future is facing some very complex problems that will require creativity and innovation to solve.

How does Everyartist.me spark creativity?
Everyartist is building a social enterprise devoted to igniting the creativity innate in every child.  We do this through our virtual community on Everyartist.me and annual collective art event, Everyartist Live!  

The Everyartist digital platform features art collaborations and creativity building exercises, while also supporting art events of sizes that range from a small group of friends to global.