Ask Pat

Gary Munchousen of Havana, Florida, asks, “How do you manage to make money from selling student artworks? Is it alright to do that?”

Pat answers:

Gary, by coincidence this month’s Creative Classrooms article is about fundraising for your art program! To answer your question, yes, it is legal to sell student artworks if:

  • The student and their parents give permission (keep signed documents)

  • The funds are used directly to benefit the students and/or art classrooms and supplies. The purpose must be delineated in the paperwork.

  • Your school administrators must have full knowledge of what you plan and have checked with all district fundraising policies.

Some districts, schools, and/or states require proof of the use of the funds and some require the funds go directly to the student themselves. Make sure to use the correct forms and keep a copy of all documents.

For more information, read our Creative Classrooms article on Fundraising for Your Art Room in this month’s issue.