Ask Pat

Maryanne Gimbrel, Seattle Washington, asks:

Pat, I have participated in Everyartist the past three years, but I never saw anything about it in November... Did I completely miss something?



Maryanne, you only missed our Everyartist newsletter announcement that many teachers nationally had asked for a Springtime event instead of Fall.

As you can see from this issue, the national Everyartist Live! event is scheduled for March 1, 2018, and will coordinate very nicely with National Youth Art Month for the entire month of March, leading right into April and Arbor Day celebrations.

Our Lesson Plan, included in this issue and on our website also highlights the theme, “Make Our World a Better, More Beautiful Place”.  

Since Youth Art Month’s theme is “Building Community Through Art” there are some fantastic community-based suggestions and extensions of the basic art plan included in the over 35 pages of plan and teacher appendices.  

Please sign up for free online at to participate in the March event and send us photos, videos, posts and texts so we can highlight all of the activities going on nationally!