Ask Pat

Pat: On the first day of school I already have the creative process illustrated brightly and prominently in my classroom (as in the last issue of Everyartist Everyday).  l would then use the defining creativity exercises, in this issue, along with writing a Creativity Constitution based on the 3 to five essential rules of fair behavior in my class.


My school district used a program called PBIS (Preventive Behavioral Instructional System). Each campus developed a simple framework of 3-5 steps of acceptable behaviors in all situations, i.e. hallways, entering and leaving class, the playground, restrooms, cafeteria, etc.


Our school’s mascot is a leopard, so our school listed the 4 major expectations to coincide with the word SPOTS, as in leopards show their SPOTS when they:


Show respect and

Positive attitudes and are

On task and    

Take responsibility therefore bringing



My classes brainstormed what those rules specifically meant for each person in the art room while we go over the school wide expectations at the start of school.


For example in the art room:  

Show respect means I respect others, their physical space, their artworks and materials.

Positive attitude means I accept praise and correction equally, in a positive manner and I only say and do positive things....etc.


We then wrote our Class Creativity Constitution stated in rights and responsibilities to incorporate the students ideas.   The following are only possible examples based on our school will want to tailor these to your class rules!


I have the RIGHT to my own space, materials, and artworks but I have the RESPONSIBILITY to respect others spaces, materials and artworks.


I have the RIGHT to have others speak about me positively, and to act positively toward me, but I have the RESPONSIBILITY to speak and act positively to others as well.


I have the RIGHT work undisturbed so I can complete my tasks, but I have the RESPONSIBILITY to not disturb others from being on task.

I have the RIGHT to take responsibility for my actions, my work, and myself but I have the RESPONSIBILITY to follow directions of the teacher, class rules and authorities.


I have the RIGHT to choose my materials and where I work, but I have the RESPONSIBILITY to put them back clean and where they go, and to clean my area.


I have the RIGHT to succeed in school and life, but I have the RESPONSIBILITY to not keep others from being able to do the same.



I made a large poster of this and all students signed their names just like our founding forefathers did with our United States Constitution.

Classroom Constitution #2.jpg
Class Constitution.jpg
Classroom Constitution#3.jpg