Artist Interview: Tommy Gregory

Tommy Gregory was born in Houston TX in the early 80's and has spent a good amount of his life in Houston and throughout Texas.  He earned his BFA in Sculpture from the University of Houston in 2005 and then his MFA from the University of Texas at San Antonio in 2009.

Along with being a full time artist, Tommy has always been employed in the arts.  He was a public art specialist for the City of San Antonio and has worked in the commercial gallery system at McClain Gallery in Houston.   Currently he maintains his studio practice and is the Public Art Program Interim Director for the Houston Airport System.   

Do you do something creative everyday?

Yes. I do in my day job, but something in my studio or at home that pertains to my practice. All day long there is creative problem soloing.

Do you have fallow or less productive periods? 

Yeah, sometimes energy is focused on work and stability. Sometimes going to exhibitions or museums which takes away from studio time but allows me to grow.

Or do you sometimes feel resistance to doing the work? How do you overcome it?

It's almost like going to gym, forcing yourself to do the exercise. I don't have the luxury to waste time or money on sculptural projects, so I don't force the large scale projects. I can force myself to draw at anytime