Talking with Artists: Quentin Curry

Quentin Curry's Always Fishing.jpg

Quentin Curry grew up in rural Pennsylvania, west of Pittsburgh. He lived and worked for many years in the Chelsea area of New York City. He was an early contributor and benefactor of Everyartist. He now lives with his family in the Hamptons where he maintains a studio. Quentin has always been a genius when it comes to surface, creating a sculptural quality to his paint. His recent work converts a wood panel into paint, actually making a canvas out of pigment application. This body of work marries Duchamp and trompe l'oeil, and is called ready made.

BOC: Do you do something creative everyday?


BOC: Do you have fallow or less productive periods? Or do you sometimes feel resistance to making work? How do you overcome it?

QC: The nature of being a painter is holding on and letting go while this can be a challenge it becomes easier with time, to follow the needs of your emotional and physical states. I find it helpful to have many projects going on all the time, what I mean by this is that I could have some drawing time where I could prepare surfaces i.e. Or start underlayers for paintings or sculpting…I have a list of 10 or more things that I will be working on but in no direct order.… so depending on how I feel I can pick what matches my interest. It's also important to add other non-art related things like taking a walk or picking up trash and be mindful of the colors or sounds etc. This has a way of filling your artist tank.

BOC: Why does artmaking matter?DOES IT?

QC: It is a way to understand what lies in the shadows of my conscious and subconscious which can reveal ideas and thoughts which I can pay in all things that life is--it also has the power to move and excite, really what could be better?

BOC: How old were you when you made your first art? When did you think you could do this as a career?

QC: I'm sure like all kids some form of art was being made at all times, but early on in my teenage years I first was drawn to the graphic arts on skateboards and album covers, and in high school, I had an art teacher who made it seem like it would be possible to have a career in art and that's what started it all.