Ask Pat & Brendan:

I absolutely LOVE your posters! I'm a VA Beach art teacher and I've been searching for a good Artmaking process poster/display for years. This is the best one I've seen and I TOTALLY would love to use it if that's ok with you?! Do you have any higher resolution photos so I can see the details of the posters better?

Yes, Louis, I do have better resolution photos and will gladly supply them to you; however, I do strongly suggest that you use mine as only a guide and develop your own, possibly that fit your school theme or mascot, etc. so the are really how you think.  Each of us are on our own creative continuum and you may believe differently than I do. That way they custom-fit your place on the creative continuum and you will more easily use your own materials. Our next issue of the newsletter, Everyartist Everyday, will have a complete set of suggested posters graphics and show how my own ideas have evolved over the last ten+ years.