New Year's Resolutions for the NEW School Year

Labor Day weekend has arrived and that signals the official end of most students' summers and most educators', also.  School across America, if not already in session in August, will be resuming, with doors opening to students on Tuesday, September 6th. For the past 40 years I lived my life in school year cycles, not calendar year cycles. Therefore,  I always have made new school year resolutions and not New Year's Resolutions in January. So, I am encouraging you all now to resolve to stress the importance of creative thinking and creative production much more in your classrooms this year by deciding to participate in the annual national Everyartist Live! event on October 27, 2016!

It is free to participate; just sign in to register your school, class, district, etc on the user-friendly website: Check out the background information on line, inspirational videos, online galleries of artworks, the 2016 National Lesson Plan for this year's event, the resources for participating, ie. Media Kit, Everyartist's Who's Who, and blog entries on creativity.

This year's theme for the October celebration of creativity is "Draw Your Own Invention", a perfect topic for taking a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) curriculum and expanding it to the STEAM approach by adding the Arts to the core subjects.  Students of every age have solutions for problems of everyday life...most of us want to change the world one-invention-at-a-time.  Register your class, school, or district to participate in the October event by going to I look forward to seeing your participation and artworks.