Midsummer Creativity Blues

It’s midsummer, almost two thirds through July. We have all posted our vacation pictures: sandy trips to the beach, exotic Hawaiian island sites, hug and laugh-filled family reunions, hiking in forested environments, and traveling far from home. Suddenly it is apparent that in four weeks most, if not all, of us in education will start to turn back to thoughts about the classroom and getting ready for a new, exciting school year. Reluctantly so will all the students, summer plans of never going back to school dashed by the reality of time.  To utilize the small time left there are several things both educators and students can do to still have fun but to start to hone the thinking skills for the beginning of school.


Professional development courses, reorganization of staffs, revised curriculum, and reorganizing refurbished buildings all push change in the never static world of education.  With so much change forced from influences outside the classroom, many educators start to look for the new, exciting idea, non-routine program to start school with that will catch student interest, offer high engagement, easily incorporate the curriculum goals, and provide fun but challenging processes.


Everyartist Live!, the once a year fall celebration of creativity, is a perfect initiative for your class, your school or your entire district to participate in to accomplish all of the above. This year’s theme is “Draw Your Invention”.  With the current movement in education from STEM to STEAM, this topic for planning and process thinking is perfect!


Students, too, need fresh approaches, engaging and exciting programs, purposeful productive challenges to brush the summer playtime haze away and refocus their minds on learning. While summer wanes, students and teachers alike should check out the Everyartist Facebook page and try their hand at our “Thinking Through Drawing” Creativity Challenge currently on Day 30 of the summer-long 100 days of drawing to keep creative juices flowing.


Then, from Day I of the new school year, creative thinking activities should be included in every class segment until the gears of the creative process are finely oiled and ready to produce great ideas.  As school nears Everyartist will suggest beginning of school activities, describe in detail how to set up a creative classroom, how to stop the most common 12 creativity killers, and how to push creative thought with very simple activities and questions.