2016 Everyartist Live! Huge Success!

Last week's national event, Everyartist Live! on Thursday, October 27th, was a roaring success! We are still computing numbers of national participants, and awaiting more uploads of the artworks produced, BUT, so far amazing examples of highly creative thinking and art production of inventions (this year's theme) are fascinating to look at on our online gallery.

We are noticing wonderful trends: all levels of students from preschool through High School are participating. Also, many classes produced not only a drawing, but step-by-step blueprints for production. Possible problem-solving tips often were included with diagrams similar to a handbook for use. Many classes included photos of students working in small groups with a selection of random materials to experiment in the planning stages with 3-D construction to help solve problems and extend thinking, but to also improve group dynamics and give everyone a part in the process. As my Grandmother always said, "Two brains are better than one!"

Fat-Sucking Machines, Nail Polishing Machines, Instant Hair-Do machines are personal care inventions that show that today's creative youth are interested in the way they look.

Of course, several childhood nemeses: homework, chores, and studying, just might be able to be removed from society with the Homework Solving Machine, the Homework Pen/Pencil, The Automatic Bed-Maker, the Childhood Chore Chopper, or the Telepathic Study Buds.

Michael's Air Jordan's have nothing on the Flying Sky High Shoes or the Super Quiet Elevator Shoes.  

I encourage you to upload your student's works as soon as possible so everyone in America and around the world can share in the amazing thinking produced. You can share other students' ideas with your classes too just by looking in the galleries.

We at Everyartist are already thinking about our next creativity challenge topic. If you have a terrific idea, please let me know here in the comments or email me at pat@everyartist.me.