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Summer Creativity Blues

It’s near the end of summer;  soon we will have posted our vacation pictures: sandy trips to the beach, exotic island sites, laugh-filled family reunions, hiking in forested environments, and travels abroad. Suddenly it is apparent that in just a few weeks all of us in education will start to turn back to thoughts about the classroom and getting ready for a new, exciting school year.

To utilize the small time left there are several things educators can do and still have fun, to start to hone the thinking skills for the beginning of a new school year.

Professional development courses, reorganization of staffs, revised curriculum, and reorganizing refurbished buildings all push change in the never static world of education.  With so much change forced from influences outside the classroom, many educators start to look for the new, exciting idea, non-routine program to start school with that will catch student interest, offer high engagement, easily incorporate the curriculum goals, and provide fun but challenging processes.

This issue of Everyartist Everyday will focus on two ideas to enhance the engagement in the upcoming year, but they both  need some time to plan and execute:  (1) developing visually stimulating teaching props for creative processes and one of the most exciting things now trending in education,  (2) MAKERSPACES!