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Ready or Not... Here Comes the Holiday Rush!


If your hometown isn’t already brimming with pumpkins, turkeys, fall leaves, and even winter holiday decorations, then it is in denial that the calendar pages are flying by, and the first semester of school will be over in just a few weeks!  

As we are all pulled into the mid-school-year-holiday vacuum, stress and pressure build up. Out of desperation, exhaustion, and/or from complete overload, many teachers’ best resolutions to keep up the zest and zeal for creative-thinking activities fade

Often the last few weeks of instruction time are interrupted countless times by schedule changes for school programs, Grandparents’ Day festivities, school holiday parties, visits from Santa, music/choir concerts, holiday fundraisers...an almost endless list. Well-made plans for progress seem impossible as a schedule appears to be random at best.

Daily Rituals will focus on the actual creative-thinking strategy of Randomness, and its pairing of randomly picked words to focus on and force creative connections.

This issue, a two-month November/December combination hopes to “red flag” some often-seen teaching/thinking habits so creativity in your classroom doesn’t fall victim to them. We also will give some precise recommendations to help lessen the feelings of being overwhelmed in the “Ask Pat” section of the newsletter.



From all of us to all of you, the entire group at Everyartist wishes you all the brightest and most peaceful of holiday seasons, and looks forward to the New Year, bringing more creative-thinking strategies and stories to share.